California Renters Insurance


There’s no denying it: homes in California are expensive. It costs a lot to take advantage of this prime real estate on the west side of the country. Because of property costs and taxes, many people decide to rent instead of own. Renting property comes with its own risks and liabilities. It doesn’t matter if you rent an apartment, condo, or house; you’re going to need protection.

California Renters Insurance protects renters from liabilities and losses that can greatly affect their finances. Though most landlords and property owners have some kind of insurance to cover their tenants, there are certain insurance gaps that leave renters unprotected. California Renters Insurance bridges these gaps.

Common California Renters Insurance coverage options include:

Personal Property

If any of your personal belongings are damaged by a covered loss, or if they are stolen, a renters insurance policy will help you with the costs of replacing these things.

Personal Liability

If someone gets hurt in your rental property and tries to sue you, this coverage option will handle any legal costs associated with the loss.

Medical Payments

A policy can also help cover medical expenses relating to an injury on your property.

Natural Disasters

If your rental property is damaged during a natural disaster, your renters insurance policy will cover the damages and losses. Common natural disasters include wildfires, earthquakes, hail, harsh rain, floods, lighting, and extreme snow.

Some other types of loss that are covered by California Renters Insurance include:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Riots
  • Pipe Bursts and Sewage Back Up
  • Damages caused by Vehicles

If you are renting a property in California, be sure to get the proper protection for your belongings and your peace of mind. Finding great coverage can be difficult and time consuming so California Quotes is here to help. To know how much coverage you can receive, contact us now and request a rapid California Renters Insurance quote now!