California Business Insurance Guide


One of the biggest fears for business owners is the loss of the business that they spent time, energy, and money to create. All it takes is one high-value lawsuit to topple a company. For this reason, every business owner in California should have some type of California business insurance. This insurance will protect business owners from various liabilities that threaten the success of their business

General Liability

Customer injuries happen all the time. If a customer is injured as a result of your company’s negligence, your business will be held liable and may be subject to legal action. Legal fees alone are expensive; losing a lawsuit means you’re losing even more money.  For these moments, General Liability Insurance can come in handy. General Liability covers bodily injury and property damage you may cause to others.

Business Auto

Many businesses require the use of commercial vehicles. If your vehicle experiences damage, it can be expensive to repair. With Business Auto Coverage, your company cars will be financially protected if your company’s vehicle is damage or causes damage to someone else.

Workers’ Comp

Workers’ Comp is used to protect employees from on-the-job injuries. It covers medical bills, disability, and funeral expenses for your employees and absolves the company of all liability; even if the injury occurred through negligence.

Business Interruption

Events can occur that make it difficult for your business to operate. These events, in turn, cause business owners to lose profit. Common causes of business interruption include earthquakes, floods, other natural disasters, sick leave, blackouts, vacation, and remodeling. Business interruption coverage will protect your business from these events.

You poured your heart and soul into your business; it’d be a shame to lose it all because you didn’t have good California business insurance coverage. If you want to keep your business and assets safe, contact us at California Quotes and request a California business insurance quote now!